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Study to evaluate the effectiveness of the European Works Councils in the transport sector

This study was commissioned by DG MOVE in the context of a growing emphasis on social issues within the transport agenda of DG MOVE, including in relation to social dialogue.

Its goal was to establish:

- The practice and potential of EWCs in the sector by assessing how many EWCs are currently active (by mode of transport); how many have become defunct and for what reason; and how many companies in the sector could qualify for the creation of an EWC in line with the conditions laid down in Directive 2009/38/EC on the establishment of a European Works Council (hereinafter "Recast Directive");
- The structure, scope and function of existing EWCs

- The reality of information and consultation structures, the determination of ‘transnational issues’ and their effectiveness particularly in times of restructuring

- The themes EWCs in the transport sector are addressing, both in regard to their core information and consultation tasks, as well as broader work, for instance in working groups

- The strengths, weaknesses and particular challenges facing EWCs in the sector and how they can be overcome.

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