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IR Share is a provider that shares information, documentation and expertise for HR managers and employee representatives. The IR Share website offers a single point of access to questions concerning labour law and industrial relations in Europe and the world. The IRshare agency operates by way of online publications, working groups, training devoted to relevant topics and a network of experts.
IR Share is responsible for the editorial content of the Liaisons sociales Europe review and is the national correspondent, for France, of the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (EUROFOUND).

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Social services: Report on the Social Services Workforce in Europe: Current State of Play and Challenges

The main objectives of this report is to provide precise data on the sector’s workforce and challenges.  The report shows that the social services sector employed more than 10.9 million people in 2018 in the EU, representing 4.7% of the total EU labour force.

Furthermore, the research highlights the strong employment dynamic, the EU social services workforce increased by 24 % in 10 years, 5 times more than the EU average. The report represents the first work of the Social Employer’s Observatory which aims to help the social services sector better respond to its challenges, provide better quality care and support services, create decent jobs and improve the effectiveness of public funding.

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  • Date of publication : 2020-03-07
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