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UNI and Securitas renew Global Agreement

UNI Property Services, Swedish Transport Workers’ Union and Securitas AB, reached a new Global Agreement on October 18, following 6 months of negotiations.

According UNI Press release, "key to this new agreement, and of particular importance to UNI, are provisions that address organising rights. The agreement is specific about these guarantees: 1) Securitas commits that its managers “will not oppose” an organising campaign and will communicate this to the workers in writing or through an alternative method, agreed by the parties, when requested by the union, 2) Securitas will facilitate access to workers to explain the benefits of joining the union, in order to enable workers to meaningfully exercise freedom of association rights, 3) Securitas will recognize the union under the most reasonably expeditious process, as long as the union satisfies the minimum legal requirements for recognition under applicable law, and 4) unresolved disputes can be submitted to mediation, by joint agreement, a request for which will not be unreasonably denied by either party.

The parties’ new agreement references the United Nations’ “Protect, Respect and Remedy Framework” policy, commonly known as the “Ruggie Principles.” In referencing these principles, the new agreement says, “The Global Agreement is part of Securitas’ commitment to exercise due diligence to identify, prevent, mitigate and account for human rights violations wherever they might occur in the company.” This makes the UNI – Securitas Global Agreement the most advanced Global Agreement from a Corporate Social Responsibility standpoint in the industry.

The agreement also states a commitment to working toward workers earning a “living wage”, defined as “wages and benefits…adequate to satisfy the basic needs of the workers and their families, as set out in the OECD Guidelines.” Finally, the parties have committed to work together to raise employment standards throughout Securitas and the wider global security market. In doing so, the parties recognize the importance of proactive and continuous social dialogue and working together to avoid unexpected disruption to client services".

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